Contoh html sederhana

<title>Sightseeing Ma Blog
</head><body bgcolor=”#87CEFA”>
<p><h1 align=”center”><font face=”Curlz mT, Juice ITC, Snap IT”>WELCOME TO MY HOMPEPAGE</font>       ‘

</h1><br>  <p></p><h2 align =”center”><font face=”Juice ITC”>Enjoy Your Visit</font></h2><p>

<marquee direction=”right” bgcolor=”#E0FFFF”>
<font color=”#FFB6CI” face=”Harry P, Curlz MT” Size=15″>
Draco Dormiens Nunquams Titillandus</font></marquee>
<p align=”center”>
Crated By : Emma Akai <br>
visit me @ my blog :<br>
<font face =”calibri, Times New Roman”>


save dengan extension .html open dengan aplikasi mozilla firefox


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