Have You ever stuck in traffic jam? And do you know what the impact for our health and our car? Traffic jam is a complex problem that usually occur in the big cities, like Jakarta. Even from time to time, day after day, second into second, become worse than before. As long as the advance of transportation technology, the number of motor vehicles users is bigger than before. This is because motor vehicle is an efficient and trendy transportation, ad for some people it is to be part of their prestige.
 It is very clear that traffic jam can causes high air pollution. Because the motor vehicle’s engine that still turned on in the rest position will release the toxic gases from condition of non-perfect combustion. Moreover, if there are a big number of motor vehicle in traffic jam, the number of toxic gases will be more and more. Air pollution from motor vehicles can causes upper respiratory tract infection. Besides it can cause headaches for those who are alergic. For children this toxic gases can decrease brain function, so it can make low intelligence level.
to be continued


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